In the 25 years I have held a CFO position at three Eastern Washington Hospitals. When we needed help lowering Self Pay Accounts Receivable and reducing Bad debt we often turned to Alice Brooks for her skill and expertise in completing our project requests in a timely and effective manner. We were very pleased with the results.  Alice has now opened a new service, Fast and Fair Collection Solutions. I can highly recommend you consider this new service that Alice established earlier this year. Her new company offers the highest integrity while offering innovative collection practices at a competitive rate.  I can attest to her honesty and vast experience in this industry.  I recommend you give Fast and Fair Collection Solutions a try today!

Tim C., MHA  


an example of quick results

 We have a very happy client! Turned an account in for collection January 23, 2019 as they hadn't had contact with Consumer since 2014 - we had their account for $7,900.00 collected in full within 30 days! At Fast and Fair Collection Solutions, LLC, we assure you, you will see results! 💲💲💲💲💲 


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Download the forms below and email to customerservice@fastandfairml.com or send by Fax to (509) 765-4128

Account Lister (pdf)


Medical Account Lister (pdf)